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77 Days Facebook Ads Course by "Veteran Digital Marketer"
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Rs 1 Crore+ Revenue from 1 Facebook Ads Campaign
in last 11 months 😱

Gaurav Madaan is responsible for making $144,000+ (Rs 1 Crore and counting to be exact) from one Facebook Ads campaign. His strategies are at par from any other Marketer on Planet Earth.

45,000+ Leads from 1 Facebook Ad 😱

Gaurav Madaan is responsible for generating 45,000+ Leads from 1 Single Ad. Imagine what 45,000 Prospects would mean for someone's business online.

Here is what's included inside the Course:

  • In Depth 77+ Video Lessons (1 Lesson Each Day)
  • Case Studies
  • Ninja Strategies
  • Course Completion Certificate from HighonM
  • Templates and Cheatsheets
  • Dedicated Facebook Group for Networking, FAQ's etc.

Rs 9,999/-

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Q: Is it a recorded course or a live course?

A: It’s a recorded course which will be released to you one module at a time. So each day you will get 1 Video Lesson which you can watch and consume.

Q: Will I get lifetime access to the Videos?

A: Yes you will get access to the Videos for a Lifetime, you can watch at any time you like.

Q: How will I benefit from the Course?

A: There are enormous benefits of the course but here are the ones that are predominant:

[+] Student: You learn a new skill and getting a job in Media Buying is huge. It’s also considered as one of the highest-paying jobs

[+] Working Professionals: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion; ever wanted to get a better salary hike and handle revenue-generating channels for your organization? This is it, 77 Days Facebook Ads Course is for you

[+] Business Owners: More Customers; that’s the #1 thing it will do for you. This course will help you to find ways to reach out to the right audience with the right message which in turn is going to give you more customers

[+] Entrepreneurs: The best way to test market your idea in a budget-friendly manner is via Facebook Ads. It gives you initial validation and not just that. Facebook Ads help you to scale your business faster and efficiently.

Q: Can I download the videos?

A: The Videos are shared in the member's area, you cannot download them however you can watch it anytime you want - any number of times you want. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.

Q: Got more questions?

A: Please write to us at gm@gauravmadaan.com and we will take care of your queries.